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  Departmental T-Shirt

GAURAV RAJ (14/CS/33) 11:43:34 pm, 10 August 2017

Our Department is going to launch its new t-shirt this month. Price is listed below: With Collar: Rs 350 Without Collar: Rs 300 Payment Method: 1) By Cash, CSE Dept. Ground Floor. 2) By Paytm, With Collar: Rs 360 Without Collar: Rs 300 Paytm Number:9046496998 Note: Those who pay using paytm are requested to send their name and roll number along with the payment sceenshot at whatsapp number 9046496998 Contact Details: SUMIT: 9593259065 SAMEER: 8001620061 RUDRA: 9046496998 SATISH: 9608614201 JAIKY: 8504974925