Who are We??

It is a group of some computer science & engineering students where different ones have different fires in their mind. Fire here means power to lighten the world. In coders, fires of different potentials meet to give the 100% outcome... As there is no boundation to talent, We appreciate every type of technical talent, whether it's excellency in coding, or a good designing. Coders is a conjunction of website designer, app developer, cloud scholars having enough knowledge of operating systems like linux, and many more..
Main contributors to this website: Rishav Kumar Singh, Abhishek Kumar,Nishant Raj, Ashvinee Kr. Pandey & Gaurav Raj.
Other team members: Ashish Tiwary, Kumar Prabuddh, Apurva Jaiswal, Nityansh, Md. Farhan Khan, Kislay Kumar, Abhedya Ayush and many more..

Special Thanks to: Sanchita Saha Ma'm for her valuable suggestions/feedback..

Purpose of this Website??

Before making account on this website, the question may come to one's mind why one more website in this world of webs when there is a lot of such websites already existing?? The question will not be very tough to solve if you are stuck to it's basic purpose.. And what are those so called basic purposes??? From the very beginning of our college life at HIT, Most of our friends felt the need of community.Community means a group of people having same purpose. It doesn't mean people can't have more than one purpose. But whenever people of same community meet they will discuss the same purpose. Community is proved to be very helpful in doing excellence in that particular purpose if you are determined to your community. e.g Community for cricket comprises of member who hits big sixes and fours in tournament as well as a member who is interested but not very good in playing cricket. In that case he can consult to the community. In this way a community works. This is what our site is going to do. It will categorise the members into various groups depending on their skills. The other purposes of this website are also fabulous. Purpose like "start a Survey" is going to help organisations like CSI to decide about the workshops students are highly interested in.
It will be felicity of this website as well as students if faculties are going to have account on this. Undoubtedly Faculties can also get benefit from this website as it is going to help them too to get rid of informing each student by visiting each class, for a particular event. They can use our "Post a news/information" tab for this. They can find out different students (with their name & mobile no.) having different skills just by exploring the website. It is going to be helpful to share any type of ideas, information or post a notice related to our branch.